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About Biker City Guide

Biker City Guide is an online biker event calendar and news website from Biker InCite®, the same company who provides the number one most requested map in Daytona, Sturgis and Laconia. This site provides the adventurous immediate options and knowledge to live their passion on a day to day basis. We will research new stops, new events and new adventures by reporting them swiftly.
In 2003, Biker InCite®, a division of InCite Research, Inc., was formed to focus on the unique needs, interests and marketing demographics of motorcyclists. Through years of study, we understand industry growth, purchasing patterns and riding experiences are evolving and in need of constant, fresh statistical documentation. Constant research has helped us develop, improve and maintain the knowledge for our own line of exclusive motorcycle rally maps of biker events.
The Biker InCite® Vendor and Biker Event Maps continue to be instrumental at top motorcycle rallies in the USA by being an important quick-reference printed guide which is used on site. In developing a tool for the biker, the maps also promote repeated use, which in turn provides a larger potential return for advertising sponsors.
InCite Research, Inc. is the parent company of Biker InCite providing highly targeted marketing and organizational effectiveness research that helps our clients achieve brand-integration and strategic marketing goals. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research tools and methodologies, we help our clients leverage knowledge to ensure that their brand promises are fully integrated and consistently understood by all stakeholders, both internal and external.


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