The Supper Club Culture

If you have to ask, WELL....then you have never been to one.

Each club is a independently family owned dining establishment that is open only in the evening and functions as a social club with a bar or a hall.  Popular in the Midwest, supper clubs have a special dynamic and offer some unique food traditions with generous portions.  They are typically located in rural areas but don't rule out finding a supper club in a big city.  All are basically HIDDEN GEMS!

We have hand picked these unique HIDDEN GEMS for you to visit.  MANGIA and Enjoy your Dinner!

Brandy Old Fashioned Cocktails

are a staple in the Supper Club world along with Manhattans, Martini's.  Sitting at the bar is the start of your supper club experience.   While many try to imitate the traditional "must have Old Fashion" only the true Supper Club has it down.  Muddling, cherries and bitters.  Sweet, sour or press.

Note:  the "ed" at the end of fashion.


Download the Biker City Guide App on either Android or Apple stores.  Look for the special Supper Club Logo on the App to find a Participating Supper Club to visit.

THESE SUPPER CLUBS ARE READY TO WELCOME YOU TO THEIR HIDDEN GEM. Download the app for details on each supper club.