Biker City Guide's Mobile App 's Supper Club Culture


Supper Club's are "HIDDEN GEMS" destination for our app users. Our app users are looking for places to ride and destinations to visit. Riders are looking for destinations and here is where Biker InCite and Biker City Guide come in.
Creating awareness about a Wisconsin Culture that might just be around the corner. Download the app to see places to visit all year round.


Supper Clubs are a Great Destination Spot!

Your SUPPER CLUB will be highlighted on the Biker City Guide Mobile App with a SPECIAL Supper Club icon showing your exact location.  You can personalize a business listing telling the customer who you are and what your supper club offers. Listing includes; logo or picture, address, phone number, social media page link, description of why your supper club is special and exact locations to your restaurant.  You control your listing and can change it anytime.

CONTACT: Cindy at Biker InCite

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WI SUPPER CLUBS the 2023 Trend

Looking for Supper Clubs to visit is a hobby of many Wisconsinites.  Imagine all the WI Supper Clubs located in one location with directions to get to their front door.


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