TIP #2  Swerving or Turning Quickly

Sometimes you may not have enough room to stop, even if you use both brakes properly. An object may appear suddenly in your lane.  Or the car ahead might have to stop suddenly.  The only way to avoid a crash may be to turn sharply or swerve around it.  A swerve is any quick change in direction.  It can be two quick turns, or a rapid shift to one side or another.  Apply a small amount of hand pressure to the handgrip located on the side of your intended direction of escape. This will cause your motorcycle to lean quickly.  The sharper the turn, the more the motorcycle must lean.

Keep your body upright and allow the motorcycle to lean in the direction of the turn while keeping your knees against the tank and your feet firmly on the pegs.  Allow the motorcycle to move underneath you.  Make your escape route the target of your vision.  Press on the opposite handgrip once you’ve passed the obstacle to return to your original direction of travel.  To swerve to the left, press the left handgrip, then press the right to recover.  To swerve to the right, press right, then left. If you have to brake, do it separately from swerving.  Brake before or after swerving “ never while you’re swerving.



SOURCE: Motorcycle Safety Foundation