Town N Country Plumbing owner Carol Hollack, swaps copper piping and PVC pipe for an award winning food stand in Sturgis.

Nestled on Main Street just between Junction & 1st Street,  TNC has pumped out thousands of tacos daily for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Since the mid 80’s she has drawn repeat business for a top favorite food at the rally; Indian Fry-Bread Tacos. What’s the secret? The homemade bread keeps us coming back.  Carol makes them daily; it’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

This delicious, perfect Angus beef is fresh & locally sourced by Rocking Tree Ranch which is just east of Sturgis.

If Indian tacos aren’t your thing, nothing beats the Roast Beef Sandwich that Carol serves from the same local ranch. You don’t believe us? The Travel Channel thinks so too.   Click HERE to see a video from the Travel Channel.

Address: 1026 Main Street, Sturgis SD
Phone: 605.347.5194

During the Sturgis Rally in August Town N’ Country sells Indian Tacos