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Biker City Guide is an online biker event calendar and news website from Biker InCite®, the same company who provides the number one most requested map in Daytona, Sturgis and Laconia. This site provides the adventurous immediate options and knowledge to live their passion on a day to day basis. We will research new stops, new events and new adventures by reporting them swiftly.

In 2003, Biker InCite®, a division of InCite Research, Inc., was formed to focus on the unique needs, interests and marketing demographics of motorcyclists. Through years of study, we understand industry growth, purchasing patterns and riding experiences are evolving and in need of constant, fresh statistical documentation. Constant research has helped us develop, improve and maintain the knowledge for our own line of exclusive motorcycle rally maps of biker events.

The Biker InCite® Vendor and Biker Event Maps continue to be instrumental at top motorcycle rallies in the USA by being an important quick-reference printed guide which is used on site. In developing a tool for the biker, the maps also promote repeated use, which in turn provides a larger potential return for advertising sponsors.

InCite Research, Inc. is the parent company of Biker InCite providing highly targeted marketing and organizational effectiveness research that helps our clients achieve brand-integration and strategic marketing goals. Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research tools and methodologies, we help our clients leverage knowledge to ensure that their brand promises are fully integrated and consistently understood by all stakeholders, both internal and external.


Top Honors at 2017 AIMExpo go to Custom Builder Tim Dixon

2017 AIMExpo’s Championship of the Americas (COTA) RESULTS Press Release Copyright – AIMEXPO 9.27.17 AIMExpo’s Championship of the Americas (COTA) is arguably North America’s premier custom bike competition, serving as the ultimate showcase of the country’s finest builders. Adding to the prestige of COTA is its distinction as an automatic qualifier for the AMD World…
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Harley-Davidson supports biker events


Biker InCite®  | © August 5th, 2017 Day 2 -Sat. August 5th | #Sturgis gotta do’s: DEMO RIDES   Harley-Davidson at the Expo on 4th & Lazelle   Moto-Guzzi on Main Street- between 4th & 5th on Main OTHER EVENTS  and MUSIC Updated hourly 11:00am | Street Throw Down-Food Completion | Main Street Noon | Outlaw Nation…
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Motorcycle as Art – Michael Lichter does it again

2017 Exhibit  –  Old Iron – Young Blood, Motorcycles & The Next Gen What is the next generation of custom builders interested in? What are they capable of? And what does the industry have to look forward to? Find out by experiencing the Sturgis Buffalo Chip’s® 2017 Motorcycles As Art™ Exhibition “Old Iron – Young…
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While in Italy, Kentucky Kid, Nicky Hayden 35, dies from bicycle injuries

 Biker InCite Copyright | May 22, 2107 3:21pm  Another Motorcycle Racer Gone to Soon While in Italy for a May 17th Superbike championship race, Nicky Hayden 35, was involved in a bicycle/car accident that left him severely injured and in ICU suffering from “serious cerebral damage.”  With his family at his side he passed away…
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Tip 2 – May is Motorcycle Safety Month

TIP #2  Swerving or Turning Quickly Sometimes you may not have enough room to stop, even if you use both brakes properly. An object may appear suddenly in your lane.  Or the car ahead might have to stop suddenly.  The only way to avoid a crash may be to turn sharply or swerve around it. …
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Spine Injuries Lower, Not Higher with use of Motorcycle Helmet

Biker InCite® 2017 Copyright | May 6, 2017 5 Year Study – Dr. Nathaniel Brooks, MD We came across an interesting Level 1 Trauma Center study that involved 1064 patients being cared for motorcycle spinal injuries from 2010 to 2015. Senior author, Nathaniel Brooks, MD an associated professor of neurosurgery at the University of Wisconsin…
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Global Super-sport Motorcycle Market Driven by the Increasing Number of Racing Events

Copyright Biker InCite® 2017 | PRESS RELEASE BEGIN: LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The global super-sport motorcycle market is projected to grow to 0.9 million units by 2021, at a CAGR of nearly 11% over the forecast period, according to Technavio’s latest report. Global super-sport motorcycle market is projected to reach 0.9 million units by 2021, posting a CAGR…
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Panama City, Flordia – Eat My Pastry is a Winner!

Copyright Biker InCite® 2017 EAT MY PASTRY Our cheap eats pick in Panama City, Florida is Eat My Pastry which is located at 280 S Highway 79, Panama City Beach, FL 32413. This authentic British Pub is pumping out great fish fry’s, chips, shepherds pie and banger’s mash.  If British food doesn’t’ tickle your fancy…
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